CA-cum-author Sundar Rajan releases short story collections in Chennai

Chennai: Nothing seems to stop writer Sundar Rajan as he continues to churn out stories, time to time. Just a few weeks ago, the chartered accountant-cum-passionate author released his collection of new short stories titled ‘Spice of Life‘ at Odyssey Book store.

The preface of his book informs readers that the “stories deal with urban ecology carrying as well a morality and a value system for a globalised society. Interestingly, some of the stories promote cultural ecology of the region and location.”

He was felicitated at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan for bringing out books in multiple languages. His first book ‘Eternal Art in English’ has been translated into Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu.

Speaking to ‘News Today’, Sundar Rajan said, “I started writing during my college days. In those days, the opportunity to get your work published wasn’t like how it is today. Also, only a few people used to read. So, I had to slow down my writing and I had to concentrate on my professional life. Nevertheless, the passion continued to run in me.”

It was around the year 2000 when Sundar decided to get into writing with renewed energy, come hell or high water. “I started writing poems and shared it to a few of my friends who critiqued,” he said.

He feels that the positive response he received for his writings is because he writes about ‘everyday happenings and experiences’ and explains that there is a message in his writing. “You will never find anything negative in my writing,” said Sundar.

He is also delighted by the fact that some of his writing inspired few of his friends to pen down their own thoughts. Things had changed a lot since his college days. “I thought it will be a good opportunity to let my writing reach more people,” he said and added “I started looking out for publishers.”

Sundar eventually found one and started working with them. “I gave them the guidelines on what I wanted in this book,” he said.

His other book of poetry, ‘Beyond the Realms’ has illustrations, brief introductions on how he got ideas and what readers can expect from the poems.

Just like his previously published works, ‘Spice of Life’ will also be aired at the Kalpakkam radio station as a part of a CSR activity. The book is also being translated into Tamil and Hindi and will be released shortly.

Mohammed Rayaan