Ullas Trust conducts workshop for students

Chennai: The recently held annual “Can Do” workshop by Ullas Trust celebrated young achievers. The workshop recognised 1,176 young incoming achievers from a pool of over 5000+ students from 224 corporation, government and government-aided schools.

A press release said, the workshop provided opportunities for students to meet stalwarts who helped them to aspire and reach for more in their life and achieve their dreams.

‘It is a humbling experience to watch the dedicated and humungous efforts of our employees in reaching out to 2.6+ lakh young students in a single year. This is indeed a milestone in the history of Ullas Trust,” said chairman and managing director, Intellect Design Arena Ltd, Arun Jain. “Ullas is our initiative that empowers not only students from unprivileged socio-economic background but the entire academic ecosystem to support aspirations and give them the “Can Do” spirit.”

NT Bureau