RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat stresses on unity in society

Hyderabad: RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat has stressed on the need for unity in society so that it becomes powerful for self-preservation in the face of adversity.

”Lord Ganesh is the epitome of organising ability. Our entire society is in need of organisation…(If) we are all organised and the sight of this brings solace to good people…,” he said.

“We must emulate whom we worship, and become strong. Nobody listens to good things unless you are strong. Power is not for harassing anybody, not for hitting anybody. But, (it is needed) so that no harasser or any attacker is able to lay his hands on us,” he added.

Bhagwat was addressing a gathering at Mozamzahi Market here yesterday where devotees passed by in processions to immerse Lord Ganesh idols in water bodies, marking the conclusion of Ganesh Chaturthi festivities.

He called for strength, to be guided by intelligence, and a heart which would have devotion for the country. Such strength and intelligence would result in welfare for all, he said.

“The country needs to be very careful. Big designs may have failed, (but we need to pay attention to) small things as well. Attempts were made to defeat the country through force,” the RSS chief said.

“There have also been attempts to subjugate the nation by means of misleading mind. None of these however, succeeded There will be propaganda in the media, both print and electronic… making people fight among themselves. Beware. Don’t get swayed…,” he added.

Stating that power lies in unity, he exhorted people to serve the motherland without being focused on self-interest.
Citing the example of Lord Ganesh who did perambulation of his mother Goddess Parvati to emerge as the best among the gods, Bhagwat said who has ‘matrubhakti’ (devotion for mother) gets everything.

While mother is worshipped at home, it is ‘Bharat Mata’, after ‘Jaganmata’, who is the mother of all Indians, he said.
Victory, fame and welfare of all lies in devotion towards the country, he said. Himachal Pradesh Governor Bandaru Dattatreya also attended the event.