CBI arrests Chennai bizman in bribery case

Chennai: The CBI has arrested a city-based businessman for allegedly trying to offer a Rs 2 crore bribe to its DIG-ranked officer to clear a pending probe against his company.

According to sources, PR Rao, vice-president of Soma Enterprises based in Vanagaram, was taken into custody following the arrest of MHA official Dheeraj Singh and broker, Dinesh Chand Gupta.

It is alleged that Dheeraj Singh, posted in the Police-I Division of the Ministry of Home Affairs, had called CBI Deputy Inspector General Asra Garg for a meeting where he offered Rs 2 crore as bribe to settle the matter against Soma Enterprises. The offer was made on behalf of Rao, officials said.

Garg, a Tamilnadu-cadre IPS officer, informed his seniors and filed a complaint regarding the bribe offer, they said.
The CBI laid a trap to verify the allegation, Garg was asked to call the duo for a meeting during which an independent witness armed with tapping devices accompanied him, posing as his driver.

The conversation was recorded and it was clear that the duo were offering a bribe on behalf of Rao and immediately offered Rs 10 lakh, it is said. The trio have been arrested by CBI.

NT Bureau