Don’t impose Hindi on us: Kamal

Chennai: “Don’t try to impose anything on us. We can find unity in diversity,” said Makkal Needhi Maiam president Kamal Haasan.

In a video released to media today, Kamal said, “India was formed after several sacrifices made by Kings then. But when it comes to our language and culture, there is no place for any sacrifice.”

He said, “Several promises were made by the Centre to all States when the country became Republic in 1950. No Shah or Sultan can go back on it overnight. Jallikattu was a small protest and we achieved a small victory. If we go on a protest for our language, it would be huge. But that danger is not needed for India.”

Earlier on Sunday, Kamal visited the family of techie Subhasri, who was killed in a road mishap after a banner fell on her and led to her death. He consoled her parents.

NT Bureau