Chennai artist’s work gets recognition at International Art Fair

Athira Sajith

Athira Sajith, a 37-year-old artist from Madanandapuram, has proved that chasing your dream path can take you to unimaginable heights.

The artist’s work was recently displayed at the International Art Fair held in Dubai. Over 400 artists from across the world participated in the event. Also what is to be noted is that Athira’s painting was exhibited in the main hall!

News Today caught up with Athira, who is well known for her Purana paintings.

Talking about her experience participating in the fair, she says, “I was amused to see my art piece exhibited in the main gallery where some of the finest paintings across the world were also kept. I am a spiritual artist and so the painting spoke about spiritual awakening. I portrayed Srivilliputhur Andal’s life history in it. When people approached and asked about it, I proudly explained to them about the history of Andal. My motto is to spread cultural values of our country.”

When asked what inspired her to become an artist, she says, “Right from my childhood days, I was deeply interested in the textural and sensory wonderland of wall murals that dotted the temple walls of my town in Kerala. These became my earliest inspirations in creative expression. After completing my Bachelors in Chemistry, I decided to immerse myself in exploring the chemistry of emotions and ways to express them on different media, subject matter, and techniques.”

Athira has been a full-time artist from 2006 and has showcased her works across the country. She says that her family is her pillar of support. “My paintings are mostly acrylic on canvas. As the drawings include minute and intricate works, this type is convenient and it dries faster. I spread traditional values through my paintings. People nowadays prefer collecting modern art, but documenting our Indian traditions and customs is very important.”

So why Purana paintings? “The beauty of Puranas is that they are open to interpretation,” she replies. “I read and did extensive research on it. Also what helped was having in-depth conversation with scholars who were involved in translating ancient texts. With my mind filled with information, I meditate, which in turn help me collate it all on canvas. In these moments, I feel there is nothing in the world but me and my canvas. Then, I let my imagination flow,” she adds.

Athira’s paintings have been exhibited in Dhakshina Chitra and she has also done the cover art for “Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam” published by DC Books.

Talking about her future plans, she says, “I have been invited to showcase my work for the same show in Dubai for next year also. I am eagerly waiting to do more such shows which will help spread our country’s values.”

P T Usha