Chennai florist helps keep temple clean

Florist Gowri with her daughter Devaki (R to L)

Chennai: Porur residents are very familiar with Durgalakshmi Saraswathi temple. But, do you know the person behind its clean environment and how it emerged to be a garbage-free area? Meet Gowri, a flower vendor, who cleans and maintains the temple premises.

“Other than selling flowers, me and my daughter help keep the temple premises clean and green. We take immense pride in serving the God and helping the temple staff,” says Gowri.

“People visiting temples expect positive energy. I make sure to spread this positiveness by welcoming people with a warm smile at the temple entrance. I also make sure to treat our customers with much respect and they reciprocate in the same way,” she further adds. Gowri’s daughter Devaki says, “My mother has been selling flowers in this area for more than 45 years. Initially, we used to go from house-to-house and sell flowers. But now we have a small flower shop here at the temple.”

“I often call my mother a ‘Iron Lady.’ She is in this business right from her childhood days. My father was bed-ridden after an accident, and she raised me and my sister single handed. I could study only till 10th grade as we did not have financial aid. Later, I joined my mother in her business,” she goes on to say.

“We worked very hard and gradually developed our business. We started getting orders for muhurthams and other functions. Now, we have our own set of customers,” Devaki adds with happiness.

P T Usha