Editorial: Not for profit

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has set up a Joint Committee on Offices of Profit and nominated BJP MP Satya Pal Singh as its chairperson. For the 15-member committee for the tenure of 17th Lok Sabha, the Speaker also nominated five members from the Upper House and nine from the Lower House. “The Speaker has appointed Satya Pal Singh as the chairperson of the Joint Committee on Offices of Profit,” Lok Sabha Secretariat said in a bulletin.

Singh had also chaired the panel set up for the previous House, the 16th Lok Sabha. The Joint Committee on Offices of Profit is mandated to examine the composition and character of various committees of the the Central and State governments and to recommend the membership or chairpersonship of which of them have to treated as an office of profit. A parliamentarian is liable to incur disqualification for becoming the member or chairperson of an office of profit.

The committee’s reports are presented to Lok Sabha and laid on the table of Rajya Sabha. While politics is a service, it is now being viewed as a lucrative career by many whose sole aim has become to make money by occupying meaty posts in parties and governments. Also, political heirs look at their fathers’ posts as their birthright. In a scenario like this, committees like this should take a serious view on those who use politics for profit.

NT Bureau