Garbage vehicles hinder traffic flow in city

Garbage dumped on Mangadu Road.

Chennai: Garbage menace in Porur is an all-time problem. But residents are now encountering another issue with trash collectors. Sundar, a long-time resident, while talking about this issue, says, “Although the workers carry out the job regularly on the main stretches, the time they come to collect garbage is what we are not up for.”

“Already the ongoing underground pipe connection works and SWD construction have shrunk the roads. On top of this, corporation vehicles that come to empty the garbage bins at 9 every morning add to the chaos,” he states.

“Traffic flow at Ramapuram junction, especially, gets chocked up because of this and it affects school- and office-goers largely,” he says. He also goes on to mention that the workers do not bother to clear away waste dumped at inner areas like Moulivakkam, Mugalivakkam and Kundrathur.

“We have requested the authorities to allocate workers to clear garbage at interior areas regularly, but there has been no change,” he informs. “We request authorities to send the garbage collectors in the afternoons. At a time when everyone is talking about waste segregation, the disposal of garbage itself takes about two days here,” says Sundar.

NT Bureau