Parking woes continue at T Nagar’s Pedestrian Plaza

Chennai: The much awaited Pedestrian Plaza project in Pondy Bazaar, covered under the Smart City initiative, that is supposedly set to be inaugurated in October, is still a cause of worry for many residents.

This is mainly due to the concerns that are yet to be addressed here. The first is the parking of vehicles, especially two and four-wheelers in the plaza.

Commuters allege, since the multi-level facility here is yet to be completed, vehicles are being parked on the new pavements, that are meant exclusively for shoppers.

“The objective of the project will be lost if the authorities fail to prevent parking in the pavement area immediately,” cautioned Sudarshan, a shopper here.

While add on facilities like decorative lamps, provision of smart bike cycling system and seating benches, have come in for praise from users, the absence of an adequate parking facility, is disappointing and defeats the very purpose of the initiative, feel many.

Speaking on this, an official at the site said, “The multi-level parking lot is soon to come up near Thanikachalam Road junction. This will settle the issue.”

About the newly-built structure getting damaged, “Parking will not be allowed once the project comes to its final shape, with various facilities like children’s play area, musical fountain and battery car.”

NT Bureau