Review: ‘Battle at Big Rock’ – Roaring action

Chennai: The climax of Jurrasic World: Fallen Kingdom surprised us when we saw dinosaurs entering the human’s habitat far away from their home on the island of Isla Nublar. Director and screenwriter Colin Trevorrow returns with a bang with an eight-minute short film, ‘Battle At Big Rock’. Starring Andre Holland, Natalie Martinez, Melody Hurd, and Pierson Salvador, the short flick delivers roaring entertainment in a few minutes.

(Spoilers ahead!) In the flick, a family is seen camping at the Big Rock National Park at an RV campsite. The film begins with mom and dad having light conversations with their children; a young boy, a girl, and a tiny baby. The dad warns a fellow camper/friend not to let his daughter touch his crossbow. Soon the family retreats inside the van to call it a night. Dad is surprised to see not a soul in sight until he hears a sound; Nasutoceratops – a massive horned dino resembling a rhino. A baby Nasutoceratops accompanies the muscular giant and the pair are seen playing with an electric lamp.
The family witnesses this through the window of their RV. Then Nasutoceratops is attacked by Allosaurus – a wild dino which for a fleeting second looks like arch-nemesis of the film franchise: T-REX. Soon it becomes a fierce battle of roars, bites, and screams as the humans watch in mute horror. The Nasutoceratops leave much to the relief of the humans. However, their peace is short-lived when the baby boy cries in fear. Allosaurus – distracted by the cries – attacks the van. The scene is a deja vu of The Lost World.

As the film reaches the climax, intense action of ripping the RV apart floods for 2-3 minutes until the little girl saves the day by shooting crossbows right into Allosaurus’ fierce face. As the camera pans put, we witness the devastation across the campsite. As the credits appear, several found footage/ hand-held camera montage recorded by normal humans encountering dinos show how they have infiltered our lands. Fans can expect a lot of drama in the sequel of the Fallen Kingdom, to be released in 2021.

Mohammed Rayaan