TN woman kidnapped by North Indian gang; police probe case

Chennai: The State police are conducting inquires into the abduction of a woman in Mayiladuthurai on 16 September.

According to the police, Gayathri (26), daughter of Sitrarasu, worked for a private firm in Mayiladuthurai and was abducted by a three-member gang in a car on 16 September evening while she was returning from work.

While her family members were frantically searching for her, she contacted them at 1 am the next day and said she was at Kangalancheri, Thiruvarur.

She then told police that three Hindi-speaking men kidnapped her. They robbed her gold ear rings, anklet and even took her engagement ring. When she pleaded with them, they returned the gold ring alone. The men took photographs of her and abandoned her at Kangalancheri.

Gayathri contacted her parents using a phone belonging to a passerby. Deputy Superintendent of police, Velladurai, has formed a special team to investigate the case and verify the claims.

NT Bureau