Solving like Sherlock

Chennai: Two-year-old Rohith Balaji, a resident of K K Nagar is a genius in making with his extra-ordinary memory power. The gifted toddler can reset the identification of puzzles while naming the things or animals without any difficulty.  The puzzles are for the age group between 2 and 4 years old. But he started solving the puzzle when he was only 15 months.

Speaking to News Toay, his mother Dhanalakshmi said, ‘It all started as a game in order to contain him in a single place. He was so naughty and I brought him the number and alphabet puzzles to divert him from electronic devices. That’s when we noticed his memory power which is not usual. He quickly arranges the puzzle. Even if we give him new puzzles, he takes maximum one minute without anyone’s help.’

When he was between 15 and 18 months, we also started teaching him the basic names of animals, colours, birds and shapes. He picked up in no time and started identifying 90 variants like fruits, vegetables, musical instruments, etc. And when he was nearing 2 years, he started solving 100 identification puzzles and eventually solved above 200 puzzles,’ she added.

Dhanalakshmi said music interests him and it motivates him to solve the puzzles sooner than usual time.
Rohith’s father J Balaji, a jeweler in the locality said, ‘We are training him for India Book of Records. He will solve the complicated new puzzles in one minute and the used puzzles within 30 seconds. Now we are gradually increasing the puzzles meant for 4 to 6 years old and he has started solving more complicated puzzles.’‘

We have also planned to introduce chess to Rohith in next one or two years. If he shows interest, he will excel in it due to his memory power and solving skills,’ he added.

Rohith’s grandmother J Shanthi said, ‘Apart from solving puzzles, he recites slokas like ‘Suklam Baradharam’ and rhymes. One day, he will be part of Guinness World Records and I am sure of it.’

Rohith Balaji resides at No 1394, 31st Street, Sixth Sector, K K Nagar. Rohith’’s father can be reached at 98413 23202.

M Chitharth