Chennaiite uses it for domestic purposes, watering hundreds of flora

Chennai: Keeping in mind the extent of the water crisis that the city faced this summer, a Mambalam resident has installed a recycling plant at home.

Meet cost accountant M Gopalakrishnan of KV Colony, whose novel initiative has proved to be highly successful.

“Since the beginning of this year, there has been acute water scarcity in most areas. Almost every house has been depending on tankers,” he says.

“This made me think of recycling the water used in my house. I subsequently came across Green Evolution, an organisation executing similar projects. Upon request, its members set up a plant at my residence. After the process is done, we use the recycled water for domestic purposes and also watering the hundreds of plants in our roof garden,” he adds.

Explaining the methodology, Gopalakrishnan states, “There are three types of treating-using sand, air and concrete. Even turmeric is used, the roots of which do the filtering job effectively and give us clear water.”

“As the first step, I routed water used for washing, vessel cleaning and bathing through pipelines into a chamber where the filtering process take place step-by-step. For the first few weeks, there was a kind of smell, but now, the water after filtration is really good,” he explains.

About the filtering particles mixed with oil, vegetable wastage and detergents, he says, “The first chamber in the filtering sump will segregate vegetable waste and subsequently, oil and other wastage will be filled and finally it routes through the portion where red sand is filled on top and plants like turmeric are set up. The roots of these, will remove odour in the water and the final product will be easily usable.”

“It is a one time investment that has minimal maintenance, as Green Evolution, also takes care of cleaning the chambers in regular intervals,” says Gopalakrishnan.

G Srinivasan