Unpaid GST worth Rs 25 crore recovered from auto dealers

Nagpur: In a major crackdown on five prominent auto dealers in the city who sell the high-end Jaguars and BMWs and also Harley Davidsons and Kawasakis, the directorate general of GST intelligence has recovered unpaid GST worth Rs 25.04 crore along with interest of Rs 28.47 lakh.

The dealers in the dock are Anand Techno Marketing, the Jaguar dealer, from whom the largest amount of Rs 15.44 crore were recovered; Anand Mine Tools another Jaguar dealer from whom Rs 6.91 crore were recovered.

Mandhan Motors deals in BMW cars from this company Rs 2.34 crore were recovered. The premium two-wheeler dealers are Star Bikes of Kawasaki from whom Rs 27.74 lakh were recovered and Legend Bikes dealing in Harley Davidsons bikes which were forced to cough out Rs 5.77 lakhs.

An investigation by the tax authorities have found that these dealers were collecting the mandatory GST from the customers but have not credited to the government, an official statement from the department said. During the interrogation of these dealers, they have admitted to that the did not deposit the taxes collected from customers, the statement added. Subsequently, GST payments of Rs 25.04 crore along with interest of Rs 28.47 lakh were recovered from these dealers.