Hasthinapuram commuters in Chennai want shelter in bus depot

Chennai: Vexed with the poor condition of bus shelters, commuters want a new facility to be constructed in Hasthinapuram bus depot.

Speaking on this, one of them said, “Every day, I take a bus from here, to go to work. During peak summer and rains, people badly need a roof above them.”

Baburajan, a resident said, “There are many routes that ply to and from the Hasthinapuram bus depot, connecting various parts of South Chennai. Since, there is no shelter, people are forced to stand outside on the road.”

He added, “As waiting here becomes tiring and exhausting, a few of us tend to take autos and share autos. But this is not possible for those who come from a lower economic strata.”

Another resident of the same locality stated, “It would be of good help if officials build a facility here, so that people can travel with an ease, instead of getting roasted in the sun. Also, we want posters pasted on the walls of the terminus removed.”

Another concern put forth by users here, is the menace of stray animals like cows and dogs, that roam in-and-around the bus stop freely.

M Anandavalli