Food festival at Sigree Global Grill is a treat to gourmets

Calcutta Biryani

Chennai: Every festival is incomplete without food as it defines our culture and community as a whole. Durga pooja is around the corner this week. The festival is widely observed by Bengalis and other western States of India.

The first thing that pops into my head when I think about Durga Pooja is Kolkata. Having watched numerous documentaries and travel clips of this exciting, bustling city, it was natural to end up thinking about the mouth-watering cuisine of this vibrant place.

To please foodies like me, Sigree Global Grill has launched “Oh! Calcutta Food Festival”, offering sumptuous cuisine of the city. Preparing myself for a luxurious Bengal platter, I began my course with starters.

Mangsho Cutlet resembled an oval kofta in appearance. The meat was tender and every bite gives you a crunchy feel. Chingri malai curry or prawn malai curry is a curry made from prawns that are doused by coconut milk and flavoured with rich spices. The tangra chilli chicken is a dish that is drenched by a saucy layer of masala. The restaurant also offers vegetable fries and fruits that are served hot with skewers and are enveloped by masala curry.

Aloo dum kosha is another treat you can’t miss. Here, big chunks of potatoes are served by brushing them with curry that is similar in taste to chingri malai. The potatoes were way too soft and each bite makes you feel as if you are munching a lumpy marshmallow.

Biryani lovers have to experience Kolkata Murgh Biryani which is very different from the type of biryanis cooked here in the South. The Kolkata-styled biryani reminded me of the biryanis that are served in Hyderabad. The masala is spread throughout the steamed rice. You need to further mix them well to get the tinge of masalas to wrap your tongue. Also, along with the generous portions of chicken, I also found yet again, several large chunks of potatoes.

Eating them along with Mangshor Jhol made the combination sync well. Mangshor jhol is another traditional Bengali mutton curry that packs a punch with its warm pieces of meat. For desserts, there are Rosogolla, Chennar Payesh, Mini Langcha, Malpua Rabri and Misti Doi Mousse. By the time I was done with my dive into all these delicious food, I felt transported to the banks of the Hooghly river, Howrah bridge, rumble of the streets and chaotic groan of vehicles and chatter of humans of Kolkatta.

(Sigree Global Grill is located at No 11, Kodambakkam High Rd, Tirumurthy Nagar, Nungambakkam. The “Oh! Calcutta Food Festival” is on till 15 October. For reservations, contact 93626 44345, 2823 8340 or 4266 4222)


Mohammed Rayaan