Parle brings back Rol.a.Cola

Parle – Rol a Cola Roll – The Solid Cola

Chennai: Biscuits and confectionery manufacturer, Parle Products announced the relaunch of its popular confectionery product Rol.a.Cola. It is priced at Rs 5 and Rs 20. A press release said that Rol.a.Cola was a hard-boiled candy with cola flavour in a rolled format which was discontinued in 2006. But in February 2019, after a social media user tweeted requesting Parle for the cola candy, Parle Products sought 10,000 retweets to bring back Rol.a.Cola.

Speaking on the launch, sr category head – marketing at Parle Products, Krishnarao S Buddha said, “Today, each user is an influencer who played an essential role in our marketing efforts. The love received by people led us to accelerate the manufacturing of the candy and we are extremely thrilled to give back the Rol.a.Cola to our consumers.”

NT Bureau