Sexagenarian teaches Yoga for free at Krishnapuri Park in RA Puram

Chennai: Every morning, the Corporation Park at Krishnapuri, RA Puram buzzes with activity with residents of the locality mostly engrossed in walking around the park and youngsters playing badminton, But it is the Yoga happening at the park that is the centre of attraction with many senior citizens doing the activity, under the watchful eyes of Yoga instructor Jayamani.

Jayamani has been teaching yoga in Krisnapuri for more than two years now for free and News Today caught up with the instructor to know more about his interest towards yoga and his free coaching.

What makes the 65-year old Jayamani’s yoga training special is that his interest in Yoga came only a decade ago. Speaking about what made him learn yoga, he says, “I am a regular visitor of the Dharmambal Park in RA Puram and every day I would just go for a walk but by the year 2007, Bhaskar, a local Yoga instructor started teaching it for free to the people visiting the park. Seeing that, I also wanted to try it and hence started learning it. Initially, it was a bit
difficult to start at such an age but over time, it became very easy and I was very comfortable.”

According to Jayamani, Yoga came as a blessing in disguise as it helped in improving his health immensely. “Around that time I was suffering from severe pain in my leg and because of that I even struggled to ride my bicycle. But once I started practising Yoga, the pain gradually decreased and this made me love Yoga and I wanted to do it for the rest of my life,” he said.

“Like my instructors, I also wanted to teach it to others and received an intense three-month training. Within a year, the instructors moved to another locality to teach Yoga and I started teaching in Dharmambal Park, a lot of school students came to learn it,” he added.

However, in 2016, Jayamani stopped teaching at the park since the numbers reduced and with interest shown by the residents of Krishnapuri, he decided to teach there.

At Krishnapuri, Jayamani takes classes to both men and women in batches from 5.45 am till 8.15 am for free. Asked about the reason for the free classes, he says, “I learnt it for free and it gave me immense benefits so I just want to make many others get benefited through the practice and I don’t want to earn anything through this. At the age of 65. I am not taking medicines anymore and I feel much more healthier and livelier without any health issues. I feel very relieved and happy and I just want to spread this happiness,” he says.

Nearly 12 people, mostly senior citizens are practising Yoga at the park currently and they say that Jayamani focuses on everyone individually and suggests them asanas according to their ailments. “I was suffering from Sciatica, a nervous problem in the leg which cannot be cured by Allopathy and required surgery but I resorted to Yoga and some Ayurvedic treatment and withing six to seven months there is a lot of benefits and it has cured me now completely. I was suggested specific asanas by Jayamani and that has helped me immensely,” says HK Lakshman Rao, a resident of the locality.

For more details contact Jayamani at 98848 75750.

Aaditya Anand M