Chrompetites face a ‘pig problem’

An ugly scene in Nemilichery-Nanmangalam road.

Chennai: Residents in-and-around Hasthinapuram and Nemilichery, are increasingly concerned with pig menace, that has hit the neighbourhood.

According to sources, these move in groups and create a lot of inconvenience to the public. With the city already in the grip of dengue and other ailments, locals are in constant fear that pigs would increase the risks. These animals are mostly seen on the Nemilichery-Nanmangalam Road, which is already a mess, thanks to the huge pile of garbage.

Srinivasan, a resident of the locality, said, “Travelling via this road requires extra caution, as the stretch is narrow and filled with garbage. The place already stinks and the presence of pigs further lowers the hygiene. Not to mention that it is highly dangerous for motorists, who might collide with the animals.”

A student of a private college near Chrompet Railway Station, said, ‘It is scary to see these swines roaming freely in a residential area like this. Everyday, on our way back home, we are always on the lookout, lest we come in contact with them’.

M Anandavalli