Review: Miga Miga Avasaram – ‘Urgent’ message

Chennai: When a producer turns filmmaker. one can expect a mass masala venture from him. However, breaking the cliche is Suresh Kamatchi. His maiden directorial venture Miga Miga Avasaram speaks about the travails of women not just in their personal life but also on the professional front. The need for humanity is the message conveyed by him in a gripping story that runs little over two hours. With limited characters, the movie begins on a hot afternoon and ends the same evening.

Miga Miga Avasaram is woven around Sri Priyanka of Kangaroo fame. She is the lifeline of the movie. As a low-ranked cop Samanthi, she brings out right emotions. A performance-oriented film provides her with right opportunity to show her acting skills. And there is Vazhakku En… fame Muthuraman playing a role with grey shades. Goripalayam Harish, E Ramdas, V K Sundar, Cauveri Manickam are also in the cast. Cinematography is by Balabharani and music is by Ishan Dev. Filmmaker Cheran has penned a song glorifying women.

A small town in rural Tamilnadu gets ready to welcome a Sri Lankan leader who comes to visit a temple there. The local police take guard. A wicked police officer (Muthuraman) has his own agenda. He orders constables attached to his station to stand vigil at various places en route to temple. He forces Sri Priyanka to stand on the middle of a bridge to keep vigil. As the arrival of the leader takes time, Sri Priyanka witnesses trouble standing under hot sun. The Inspector pays no heed to her request to relieve her for a few minutes so that she could attend nature’s call. A small flashback reveals that it is his plan to punish her for her previous act. Meanwhile there are a few scenes that unfold on the screen that show how responsible homemaker she is and also committed to her profession. What transpires eventually that evening forms the climax.

The story may be wafer-thin, but the shrewd filmmaker has worked on screenplay well to ensure it is racy and at the same time brought out right emotions. The need to respect women has been well brought out. Sri Priyanka has played her part well. Script by Jagannath is good. And Muthuraman fits the bill well. There is a cameo by Seeman. Ishan Dev’s music and Balabharani’s camera go hand-in-hand.

There may be a few minor flaws, but considering the purpose that Miga Miga Avasaram wants to serve, they can be overlooked. A right message for those in the society with patriarchal mindset.