Editorial: Wooing Tamils

Ever since there were voices heard in Tamilnadu that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is trying to impose Hindi in this part of the country, one can see Modi going all guns blazing to show his love for Tamil in a symbolic manner. Whichever forum he addresses or a major event he attends, he never fails to make a remark about his passion for Tamil and its rich culture.

On Friday, Modi was seen in new avatar – attired in traditional Tamil dress of dhoti, shirt and shawl to greet Chinese President Xi Jinping ahead of the second informal summit at the coastal town of Mahabalipuram. Modi’s attire reflected the Tamil culture and tradition. He also took to Twitter to write in Tamil about the wonderful hospitality here.

During his speech at the recent UN General Assembly Modi highlighted India’s message of inclusiveness quoting the Tamil poet Kaniyan Pungundranar who lived some 3,000 years ago and said “yaadhum oore yaavarum kelir”
“The sense of belonging beyond borders is unique to India,” he had said. Even in his address at the Howdy-Modi event in Houston he greeted the audience in Tamil saying ‘Yaavarum Sowkiyam’ (all are fine). The images of veshti-clad Modi from Mahabalipuram went viral last night.

NT Bureau