Ambattur lake is polluted by dumping of garbage

Chennai: In a metro city like Chennai, water requirement is more. To fulfil the demand, huge amounts of money are spent on various projects. With this being the case, it is pathetic to see waterbodies being exploited.

The population at Ambattur is increasing drastically. As the number of apartments have increased, the need for water too has gone up.

Though Metrowater is supplied, many areas are dependent on ground water. Waterbodies in the area play a major role in maintaining the level of the ground water table. But then, if waterbodies are polluted, the ground water is also in harm. A classic example to this is Ambattur lake.

”The situation is becoming worse as solid waste is dumped into the lake,” said a music teacher, who lives nearby.

Though many complaints and petitions have been made, public say that no action has been taken yet. ”Petition has been given to authorities by the area association. But, still now, no steps have been taken to clean up the lake. Instead, the pollution is increasing,” he said.

Dumping of waste can cause many problems. ”Water is the main source for living beings to exist. When the lake water is spoiled, it is an injury on the environment,” said Kamesh, an IT employee.

He said that the pollution of the waterbodies will not only affect the living organisms in that water but also in the surroundings as the ground water will be spoiled.

”As the level of the water is low now, garbage is dumped on the land where is no water. But once it rains, the entire place will be filled with water and thus the situation will become worse,” said Balaji, a resident of locality.

”We hope that the authorities take necessary steps before the situation becomes worse,” he said.

S Solomon Raj