Actor Narain speaks to ‘NT’ about his action thriller ‘Kaithi’

Chennai: Following the release of Kaithi trailer starring Karthi and Narain in lead roles, expectations among fans have triggered high. Thanks to the gripping and intense crime flick’s trailer, the movie is directed by Lokesh and produced by Dream Warrior Pictures. News Today spoke to Narain who shared about his role.

Excerpts from the interview:

Q: How did you land a role in Kaithi?
A: Karthi is a very good friend. We always speak and discuss films and characters. He called me up and mentioned that he is going to do Kaithi and that he would be glad if I were a part of it. Following Anjathe, I have been getting roles to play a cop and Kaithi was very interesting to hear. With Karthi, director Lokesh and Dream Warrior Pictures , I knew it will be great and immediately signed up.

Q: Tell us about your experience being part of Kaithi.
A: I am a police officer. The character is intense and has suffered injury from the starting scene. The movie was shot entirely in the night. It was a bit challenging to do as we did it in the evening from 6 pm to morning at 6 am. But more than us – the actors – it was the technical crew. They worked really hard and gave out their best. We were dedicated and enjoyed the process. It is always amazing to work with a great production crew.

Q: How was it to work with Karthi?
A: There are many intense and emotionally charged scenes with my character and Karthi’s role in Kaithi. It was really great to perform. We always had a sense of understanding. His character has a purpose and he acted very well. It was quite interesting to work with him.

Q: Tell us about director Lokesh Kanagaraj.
A: Lokesh is a very promising director. I was very happy to see him. When we first met, he apologised that as the schedule for the shooting is tight, it will be a bit hard to have our meals. I was very impressed by his dedication and commitment to cinema. As a young and a new person in the industry, he has very good talent. He is also a big fan of Kamal Hassan sir and Hollywood films. Lokesh knows to strike a balance while making a commercial thriller and also an artistic film.


Mohammed Rayaan