Staunch devotee constructs Bhagavathy Amman temple at Shenoy Nagar

Chennai: Mahameru Sri Chakra Bhagavathi Amman temple, located at Shenoy Nagar, close to the Metro station is a very special temple that helps devotees get rid of all their troubles in life.

Speaking about the temple and its history, Krishnamoorthy Guruswamy who is the temple’s founder says, “I have been a devotee of Ayyappan and for the past many years now I have been visiting the Sabarimala. I also worship Bhagavathi Amman and around two decades ago, the Amman started appearing in my dreams regularly and hence I
decided to do poojas for her as well during the Ayyappan poojas. But later I wanted to raise a temple to her and nearly 16 years ago, this temple was built.”

In the main sanctum, Goddess Mahameru Bhagavathi Amman is present. On the left side wall of the main sanctum, Goddess Vishnu Durgai is present. Adjacent to the main sanctum on the right, there is a separate sanctum for Lord Ayyappan. On the left side, there are idols of Shirdi Sai Baba and Sathya Sai Baba placed next to each other.

“In no other temple can one worship both Sai Babas at once. This is the first temple to have the idol of Sathya Sai Baba,” adds Krishnamurthy.

On the extreme right, there is a small sanctum for Bhakta Anjaneyar. At the front on the left side, Kubera Sahasra Lingeswarar is present. On the right side, Navagraham is present which is a speciality because all the nine idols are present along with their consorts.

There are also idols like Kaala Bhairavar, Naga Subramaniar, Naga Linga Krishna Varaha Swami, abhisheka ragu kethu and Bala Muneeswarar, who is the guardian deity of the temple.

“Bhagavathi Amman has eight hands and is the only woman deity to have Sanguchakra at the hand like Maha Vishnu. The deity is also fond of lemon and hence it is given as prasad to all the devotees. Worshipping the deity will help get rid of all the doshas, diseases and many other problems,” says Krishnamurthy speaking about the speciality of the deity.

Some of the special occasions in the temple are, in the month of Karthigai, Pongal Vizha is celebrated in a grand manner for three days during which devotees prepare pongal at the temple. The occasion would start with Ganapathi homam on day one, followed by vilakku pooja in the evening. On the second day, Ko Poojai and Durga homam would take place followed by Sathru Samhara pooja in evening. On the third day, large number of women would gather in the temple and prepare pongal. Kurudhi abhishekam would happen in the evening and the deity would be taken out for a procession.

Speaking about the special poojas and homams done in the temple, he says, “Right from the time the temple was built, vilakku pooja is being held in a grand manner during the first Friday of every month. It has been happening without any break. For Sahasra Lingeswarar during Pournami (full moon day) in the Tamil month of Aippasi, annabhishekam takes place. During Sivarathri devotees can perform milk abhishekam to the deity by themselves.”

“On every Tuesday and Friday for Vishnu Durgai Kumkuma archanai takes place during raghu kaala pooja and worshipping the deity during this time helps unmarried women in getting married soon. Worshipping the abhisheka raghu kethu for nine weeks or 21 weeks continuously helps one get relieved from sarpa dosha and also hurdles in marriage. Also during theirpirai ashtami, devotees can perform ennai kaapu viboothi abhishekam to Kaala Bhairavar. Worshipping the deity and performing special parihara during this time also helps them get rid of all their problems and hurdles. Devotees can also do the ashta naga dosha pariharam at the temple,” he says.

“Everyday abhishekam will be done to all the idols. On Thursday, Baba Bhajans will be organised here and on second Sunday of every month, special bhajans and aarathi takes place. On the birth anniversary of Sai Baba, devotees also chant Rudra Parayanam. This year during Guru Peyarchi, maha homam will also be done 29 October,” he concludes.
The temple is open from 6 am to 12.30 pm and from 5 pm to 9 pm. For more details contact Krishnamoorthy Gurusamy at 93803 13955, 044 2628 2955

Aaditya Anand M