‘Prevalence of AMD is on rise’

Chennai: “Age related macular degeneration (AMD) is a degenerative disease mostly affecting people above 60 years of age. However due to unhealthy lifestyle and poor dietary habits it has started affecting the working population above 50 years of age,” says Sankara Nethralaya senior consultant (VR Services) Dr Rajiv Raman.

“In Chennai, we see nearly 1,500 patients in retina clinic, where 50 per cent have AMD. The prevalence of AMD is on rise, which is why, early diagnosis of AMD and regular treatment can prevent depression and fear of falling. This disease slowly leads to functional disability, and there is an increase need for the support from loved ones,” he says.

It is suggested that, timely detection and treatment of AMD can help in preventing fear of falling in the elderly patients. Hence, it is utmost important to seek medical intervention from an expert like ophthalmologist. Also, it is advised for older adults above 60 years of age to consider routine check-up of retina in every six months, a press release said.

There are treatments available for AMD that can reverse, slow or halt disease progression in some cases. The treatments can prove more effective if the condition is diagnosed early. The treatment options available in India include laser photocoagulation, anti-VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) injections and combination therapy which includes laser and anti-VEGF treatment, the release said.

NT Bureau