Bigil delay: Vijay fans create ruckus in Krishnagiri

Vijay fans ransacked shops and other properties in Krishnagiri.

Chennai: Actor Vijay’s fans, who gathered for the midnight screening of Vijay’s Bigil, created ruckus as they went on rampage in front of a cinema hall at the Five Road junction resulting in the Krishnagiri police increasing security in front of all movie screens across the district.

Bandi Gangathar, Superintendent of Police, Krishnagiri, announced that 37 of the rioters have been arrested and they will be severely charged for the offense.

Dozens of shop banners, water tanks and vehicles were destroyed as hundreds of youths who gathered for the special fan screening in a theatre resorted to violence as they refused to hold the screening.

Fans gathered for the screening at the theater and started burning crackers and chanting slogans in excitement. However, the operators had failed to upload the movie ahead and told the gathered fans that they will not be screening the movie. Angered over this, fans immediately took to the streets and destroyed vehicles, shop banners and even destroyed a drinking water tank set up by the Krishnagiri Municipality.

The Krishnagiri Police immediately reached the place and diffused the situation. Most of the youths were drunk and were frustrated when the theatre announced there will be no special screening.

NT Bureau