Film Review: ‘Kaithi’ – Racy & pacy

Call it an experimental film. There is no heroine and no comedian. There are no romantic songs of hero and heroine running around trees. The story unfolds in a night. It speaks about a dark world and darker secrets. Yet, it gives one a feel of watching a thorough commercial entertainer.

Three cheers to director Lokesh Kanagaraj and Karthi for coming out with an out-of-the-box and an innovative storyline that entertains and engages audience. With a lesser cast that includes Narain, Kaithi ends up as a different film.

Narain and his police team seize huge amount of drugs from a gang. They try to keep it a secret unless they decide on how to further proceed after consulting with their superiors. However, the gang comes to know about the whereabouts of the drug. They fixe a huge amount for anyone who brings the head of the team, who seized the drug. Surprisingly, Karthi who is released after serving 10 years in jail is made to drive a lorry to transport a few cops to safety.

Karthi meanwhile is eager to meet his daughter for the first time. Did Karthi manage to save the cops and meet his daughter? Was the gang successful in retrieving the drugs form the rest of the story.

Karthi as Dilli is the lifeline of the film. A performance-oriented role which he thoroughly enjoys. He pours anger, agony and urges through his eyes. His yearning for his daughter’s love is beautifully brought out. Narain as Bejoy plays a tough cop. He does full justice to his character. Baby Monica as Amudha (Karthi’s daughter) is a welcome addition to Tamil cinema.

Special mention should be made about George Mariam as constable Napoleon who along with few students is given the huge task of protecting the commissioner office from the gang.

Lokesh Kanagaraj does not waste much time in introducing the characters and their background. The movie begins even before the title card is displayed. Right from the word go, the audience is made to get involved in the story. Sathyan Sooryan’s cinematography is top-notch capturing the night travelling story beautifully.

The story and screenplay are aptly complemented by Sam C S’ music. An action-packed movie should have pulsating stunt sequences. Compliment stunt master Anbuariv. Their work is realistic and breathtaking. Produced by S R Prabhu of Dream Warrior, Kaithi is sure to arrest your hearts as it is a gripping and an engaging fare.

Balasubramani Muniyandi