Kyaar cyclone in Arabian sea

Chennai: A low pressure zone in Arabian Sea has led to the formation of ‘Kyaar’ cyclone this morning, the Indian Meterological Department said today.

The officials further stated that the newly-formed cyclone is likely to turn intense in the next 24 hours thereby likely to bring rains in north India.

According to reports, the cyclone is present at 380-km south southwest direction from Mumbai. It is likely to travel in west northwest direction towards Oman. The department stated that the cyclone will not harm India.

It is to be noted that the fishermen of Lakshadweep and Maldives were asked not to enter the seas due to low pressure.

While the Met department has predicted light to moderate rains is likely to occur over Tamilnadu, there are chances of having a rainy Deepavali.

Karthikeyan Halan