‘Portions below Maduravoyal bypass bridge can be used for better purpose’

Chennai: The portions below Maduravoyal bypass bridge at Ambattur Industrial Estate could be put to better use if the conditions are improved, feel most of the people in the locality.

Many places under the bridge are currently covered with dry mud and do not offer firm grip for vehicles to stand. Hence, authorities could consider providing solid tile surfaces there to give stability to make vehicles stand firmly, says a Pattravakkam resident Mohan Kumar.

He feels there would be additional advantages if tiles are provided under the flyovers. “At present, portions of land below the bridge comprise dry mud and during monsoon they would become wet owing to rain water. This would make the place more slippery and a bad parking spot. The areas once covered with tiles would help keep the portion dry and firm,” he states.

It should be ensured by the authorities concerned that the place beneath the bridge is not misused by unscrupulous elements for commercial or anti-social activities, says Rajan Babu, an auto driver.

“The portion of land below road-over-bridges could be improved to make them better parking places,” he adds.

“The area below the bridge at the entrance of South Avenue Road is a good example in this regard,” according to a longtime Ambattur resident Kumaraswamy.

“The place is being used for parking vehicles by people. This is a fine development as portions under the bridges provide relief to motorists as some space to meet parking needs is generated,” he added.

On the other hand, the portions under ROBs at Third Cross Road are a bad example in this regard, as they are occupied by vendors who sell their commodities like fruits, garlands and other items to the passersby. The space there is occupied and in a way prevents free movement for pedestrians, he informs.

“In the process, garbage is generated and land below the flyover becomes dirty,” says Hariprasad, a lorry driver.

A Corporation official said, “We are taking necessary steps to remove illegal shops and waste from there.”

S Solomon Raj