Threat in form of abandoned live wires in Porur

Chennai: People cannot easily forget the tragic incident of a 14-year-old boy who died by electrocution as he stepped on a live wire at Mugalivakkam. Dheena Senthil, a resident of MGR Nagar in Mugalivakkam suffered an electrical shock when he stepped into stagnant water in his area, last month.

As city is witnessing rain, News Today┬áspoke to the residents of Porur to check if their areas are safe. The locals inform that even after the recent unfortunate incident, the officials don’t care to clear the cables that are in danger conditions. Also, several electric poles are on the verge of falling. They should be replaced immediately. But, no authorities take up the responsibility of clearing them.

Azhagar Senthil, a social activist in the locality, says, “After the death of the young boy, we urged the authorities and local politicians to take action over abandoned live wires. But no steps were taken against it. Some politicians even threaten us for indulging in this issue.”

However, I would advise the local associations to gear up and take note of the live wires that are not connected in their locality. They should register a complaint to the concerned authorities and follow up on it until they connect them properly.

The social activists also welcome people to form a group for the welfare activities of the people and protest against this cable issue.

Kandhan, a motorist who takes the Mugalivakkam Main Road says, “After the fatal incident, I’m afraid to take this route. The base of many electric poles have cracked down and is in danger condition. Though we have filed a lot of complaints, it all goes in vain as no one is working for it.”

NT Bureau