Italian model Giorgia Andriani speaks to ‘NT’ about ‘Karoline Kamakshi’

Giorgia Andriani, a popular Italian model, is making her acting debut in Tamil with a web series Karoline Kamakshi. The action-comedy is said to be about two officers, Interpol’s Karoline and CBI’s Kamakshi, who have opposing personalities but come together to hunt down a dangerous mafia don.

Actress Meena plays Kamakshi. Giorgia will be seen doing action and comedy both. The series was shot in Chennai and Puducherry. Karoline Kamakshi‘s first season of 10 episodes will soon be airing on Zee5. The series action-packed comedy-drama is directed by Vivek Kumar Kannan.

Speaking to News Today, Giorgia Andriani, says, “I am happy to make my debut in Tamil. Action and comedy was a really good combo for me to start with.”

Excerpts from interview
Q: On being part of web series that is comical and action-packed.
A: It was a lot of fun for me to be a part of this show. Action and comedy was a really good combo for me to start with.
I have had a lot of fun. sometimes scenes were so funny we couldn’t stop ourselves from laughing during the shoot, and also I have definitely become a better fighter.

Q: Which is difficult – ramp walk or standing before camera?
A: None of the two, if you have the confidence required.

Q: How was your in screen chemistry with Meena?
A: The screen chemistry with Meena was fantastic. From the first time, we shot for the poster, there hasn’t been an instance of discomfort. I felt very much at ease with her for the whole shoot, as if I had known her since before.

Q: How difficult was the language. Do you have Tamil dialogues in the web series?
A: Yes, I do have many Tamil dialogues. Thanks to the director, scriptwriter, and Meena herself, I have been helped a lot with the meanings and rehearsing a lot before each shot.

Q: Tell us about experience shooting for the web series?
A: I had an amazing time, learned so much and met wonderful people.

Q: You thoughts on regional cinema?
A: Regional cinema is content-oriented and nowadays the quality is remarkable.

Q: Who is your inspiration ? Why?
A: My inspiration are those who fight all the odds in order to reach their goals. The world is full of such great people. From my dad to Obama, to my maid.