Power unit at Russia plant enters operation 30 days before schedule

Russia: Novovoronezh, Russia – unit two at the Novovoronezh Nuclear Power Plant II, containing ROSATOM’s flagship Generation III+ VVER-1200 reactor, was put into commercial operation 30 days ahead of schedule after the green light from Russia’s regulator Rostechnadzor.

“Hundreds of nuclear specialists contributed to the implementation of this project. А new powerful generation source was added to the Russian energy system. We can now use this dual-unit NPP design as a reference for our foreign projects,” said first deputy director-general for operations management of Rosatom and president of ASE Group of Companies, Alexander Lokshin. “We have accumulated vast experience in construction, production organisation, procurement, supply, and finance, as well as our continuously increasing effectiveness. This is crucial to meeting modern market requirements and facing large-scale challenges when constructing nuclear power plants.”

NT Bureau