Celebs speak to ‘NT’ about their love for pets

Lucky are those who have a pet as a best friend. Pets love you unconditionally without expecting anything in return. They bring joy and happiness to the entire family. Celebs of Tamil film industry are not far behind when it comes to having a pet, especially dogs. Samantha along with her hubby Naga Chaitanya recently shared photos and videos of her puppies named Hash Akkineni and Drogo Akkineni. Arun Vijay’s bonding with his dog and Trisha’s love for her pets are widely known in the industry.

Here is a chat with a few artistes for whom their life is their pets. Their special bonding with their adorable dog is something very special.

I call my pet dog (Beagle) Coco as my bestie and my daughter. We both share a special bonding. No wonder why people said dog is man’s best friend. My day begins and ends with my cutie. When I go out for shootings, I never miss to make video call and see my Coco. She will jump in joy seeing me. No sooner I return from shooting, Coco will jump and sit in my lap. She entertains me, engages me and is an integral part of my life. I take additional care on her and whenever she gets unwell, I make sure she gets back to good health under my personal care.

My Milo is my all. As a cute little German Shepherd, he reached my house almost eight years ago. Over the years, our bond strengthened and today not a single day would pass without we both spending quality time.
Milo is my biggest strength. Whenever my spirits are down, Milo would be by my side. His sheer presence would make me feel normal. Whenever I go out if town for shoots, I will be updated by my parents on what Milo does without me. I regularly play badminton with my friends every morning. After a game or two, we go out to have a cup of tea on roadside tea shops. Milo like ‘Pora’ being sold there. I buy them and feed my Milo.
A year ago, Milo suddenly became weak and doctors gave up hope after treatment. But I was confident. I stayed by Milo’s side. Gave him personal care. Fed him with tablets. Today he is bubbling with energy.

Arunraja Kamaraja
My adorable darling is my black Labrador Jillu. We met four years ago and since then it has become a part and parcel of my life. I badly miss her whenever I go for long schedule shootings. She would know when I would leave house. Jillu will jump in my car for a drive then. We share a great bonding between us. At home, I would play with Jillu. We spend lot of quality time together. Spending time with Jillu would relieve me of my tension and stress. Being with Jillu is a bliss moment for me. We are emotionally connected. Jillu spreads positivity in my life.


My friend gifted me Shih Tzu, which I named Tequila. Things changed after she came home. Now my family members are very close than me to Tequila. She is a hyper baby. She loves to run around, play with us and take a walk on the streets. She is like a family to me. When I go for shootings, I miss her a lot. I make video calls and talk to her. When I return home tired, she would cheer me up playing with me. Her love is unconditional. Since my young age, I was fond of pets. Tequila has made my life very special. She even welcomes guests with abundant love.