Selaiyur residents want official attention on green spaces

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Chennai: Residents are getting increasingly concerned about the condition of most of the parks in Selaiyur, so to say.
For instance, the ones at Babu Street and Bharath Avenue are in dire need of attention.

The common problems in most of these, are the untrimmed bushes, damaged lights and broken pathways.

“The lights of the park in Padmavathy Nagar, should be replaced, and the damaged play equipment must be repaired,” said a resident.

The condition is no different in the children’s park at Secretary Colony, located in Mappedu.

Ranjitha of the same locality, said , “There is a library inside, which is not in use. It opens once in a blue moon. As there are no other reading facilities in the neighbourhood, it would be useful if this one functions properly. There is a small temple too, which is the only space that is maintained, that too by the residents.”

She also added that the authorities should take steps to plant saplings to enable shade during summers.

Speaking about the park in Ramakrishna Nagar, Camp Road, Sasikumar, a resident said, the facility was good in the beginning, but due to poor maintenance, the area is completely covered with bushes, paving way for insect menace. Not to mention that the slides and swings are broken and rusty.

The MGR park in Sembakkam, is no exception and has similar problems, it is learnt.

“There is no effective drinking water supply, and the toilets here are mostly dry,” rued Iyappan, a resident of Sembakkam.

NT Bureau