TN mechanic invents automated 2-wheeler kickstand release

Zakir Aleemullah

Chennai: Alarmed by the fatal road accidents caused by two-wheelers, Zakir Aleemullah pondered for ways to see if he can do something to bring down the numbers. Being a bike mechanic, it did not deter him; rather it was a boon for him. He feels greasing his hands has paid off. Born of his innovation is the automatic release of kickstand, which he claims to reduce road traffic accidents.

The data and statistics released by the government indicate that the road traffic fatalities constitute of 10 per cent in India. Data furnished by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) states that of 1,47,913 accident deaths in 2017 across the country, Tamilnadu recorded 16,517. However, it is to be noted that in the following year 2018, the number of deaths fell to 12,213 in the State hinting a drop of 24.39 per cent. Although the incidences have come down, fatalities are certainly a cause for concern. In January 2019, according to the State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB), there were 689 accidents and 114 deaths reported in Chennai.

Seeing the locked stand even after starting the engine, it is a usual affair for Zakir to tell his customer to unlock it.

Zakir’s bike fixed with the automated kickstand

“But the thought to do something from my capacity. I was determined to design something with my own expertise which I developed over 20 years as a mechanic,” Zakir tells News Today.

He feels that many riders often forget to release the bike’s kickstand as a result of which they end up facing an accident. “The part I have developed works in such a way that will release automatically once the rider sits on the bike,” the 43-year-old mechanic adds.

After designing and developing for over over three months, Zakir has patented his product in 2017. “I made a lot of mistakes through out the developing phase. I was also anticipating if the stand would have any problem and I devised stragegies to minimise,” the Vellore native adds.

Validating his innovation, he has fixed the device to his two-wheeler and has been using it for six months now and says he has not had any problems so far.

Asked if he has spoken to vehicle manufacturers, he says, “I was asked to wait for 2.5 years before launching my innovation so I am yet to approach the two-wheeler manufacturers directly.”

Zakir can be reached at 9789469006 or 7094569006.

Bhavani Prabhakar