‘Like mother, like child’

Chennai: Like mother, like child, they say. In Mahadevan’s life, this saying become true. Athira Sajith is an acclaimed artist in Porur. Her son S Mahadevan, a 13-year-old budding artist have now received honour from legends like Bombay Jeyashree for his talent.

On this Children’s Day, News Today had a casual chat with this young bud and his mother. In his interview, Mahadevan’’s mother who is happy a lot for his achievements speaks about how parents should play a role in identifying their children’s talent.

The Kalanjali Art Cultural event took place in the city, recently. In this function, Mahadevan impressed the panel of chief guests by his work. The memento presented to them was designed by him. He did pencil sketching of musician Bombay Jeyashri, veena artist Jayanthi Kumaresh and pianist Vivek Santhosh. The guest panel were amused by his talent on this young age.

Speaking about his son’s interest for sketching, Athira says, “‘For me, age is no bar. I started my career of being an artist after my marriage. In that way, my son has found his path far earlier than me. From his young age he have been growing by seeing all the painting works done by me and this might have induced the sketching talent in him. But, for sure, I would say, this is his inborn talent. Such is the perfection of his works.’”

According to Mahadevan, though he does a lot of sketches and paintings, he shows more interest in sketching realism and cartoons. ‘He is a popular child in his school and is well-known for his portrait drawings. He is called as the best artist in his school,’ states his mother in a happy note.

She further says, ‘”Parents should not push their children into something just because they wanted to do it. You should let your children observe things and do it in their own way. Even though I am an artist I never tried changing his perception over art. I have guided him and never stopped him from trying new things.”

‘In future, he wants to make it big in the field of art. “As a parent, we do respect his decision and support him throughout his path. This Children’s Day, I would also request parents like me to not to dump your wishes and dreams into your children and make them feel guilty for not able to make it. Every child is a talented child and it will come out in the right place at the right time. All you have to do is let them explore the world,”’ Athira concludes. To shower your blessing to this budding artist, contact him at 88259 41658.

P T Usha