Two-year-old boy solves complicated puzzles in one minute

Chennai: Two-year-old Rohith Balaji from K K Nagar, who solves complicated identification puzzles has entered into India Book of Records.

He was selected under the category titled ‘Maximum Identification Puzzles Solved by a Small Child’. His name will be registered in India Book of Records 2020.

His mother Dhanalakshmi said, “I am happy that my son has entered into the prestigious India Book of Records.”
What started as a game in order to contain him in a single place turned him into a different person with his memory power, recalls Dhanalakshmi.

India Book of Records has verified the claim of Rohith Balaji. He solved 200 identification puzzles in 20 minutes 40 seconds at the age of 2 years and 2 months. The title remains exclusive for each achiever.

Dhanalakshmi said her son has started solving more complicated puzzles than his age group. “Rohith is interested in music and we are planning to send him to music classes in next few weeks. We are not giving him any particular instrument. We will introduce him to various instruments and we hope he will eventually figure out of the best that suits him,” said Dhanalakshmi.

Rohith is being trained by his mother and father J Balaji, a jeweller in the locality. Rohith’s grandmother J Shanthi hopes that her grandson will be part of Guiness World Records.

“We have created a YouTube channel and frequently upload the videos of him solving identification puzzles,” said Rohith’s mother Dhanalakshmi.

Balaji said that they are also planning to introduce Chess to him in next one or two years. If he shows interest, he will excel in it due to his memory power and solving skills. Rohith’s videos on solving puzzles are available on YouTube channel @Rohit Balaji genius Kid

M Chitharth