Kurl-on launches wedding mattress

Chennai: Announcing the expansion of Kurl-on, the company launched a first of its kind wedding mattress in the city recently.

“The launch not only marks Kurl-on’s entry into the wedding market worth over $50 billion (Rs 33,000 crore), but further strengthens its presence in two fast-growing categories – niche, specialised mattresses catering to a specific growing need and the premium and luxury segment estimated to be around $ 23 billion (approximately, Rs15,000 crore), into which Kurl-on marked its entry earlier this year by collaborating with SpringAir. The rise of the discerning class with double and higher disposable incomes coupled with global exposure has given good news for the luxury product space,” said a press release.

Addressing at a press conference in the city, Kurl-on chairman and managing director T Sudhakar Pai, said, “At Kurl-on, we are driven by the passion for innovation. The launch of the first-ever State-themed mattress for the wedding season bears testimony to our innovation prowess.”

Riding on a base of Rs 1,050 crore sales revenue recorded for the year 2018-19, Kurl-on hopes to record a 25 per cent growth to close 2019-20 with a turnover of over Rs 1,200 crore. The year witnessed Kurl-on making deeper inroads into retail expansion, new product introductions and brand promotions, to name a few. On retail expansion, Kurl-on plans to expand its footprint from the existing 100 stores to 250 stores by end of the financial year 2020, added the release.

Kurl-on head – marketing Prashant Deshpande, said, “With the introduction of the wedding-themed mattresses, Kurl-on has carved a nice space in the specialised mattress segment. Titled ‘Mattress of India’, the it reflects the strength of Kurl-on to introduce products ahead of time. The new mattresses will be available in all standard varieties in king and queen size. The price range of the wedding mattress range from Rs 20,000. The product will be available at Kurl-on ‘Home Komfort’ stores present across Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin, Mangalore and Mysore and online.”

NT Bureau