Review: ‘Frozen 2’ – Visual splendour

It’s been six years since Frozen froze the silver screen with its charming plot, cool visuals and music. The song, ‘Let it Go’ stayed in our hearts. Now, Walt Disney Animation Studios, brings us back this magical animated fantasy with its sequel, Frozen 2.

The film is darker, colder with more songs to be sung and more quests to be explored.

We have the original voice cast reprising their role; Idina Menzel as Elsa, Kristen Bell as Anna, Jonathan Groff as Kristoff and Josh Gad as Olaf. In the Tamil dubbed version, we have Shruti Haasan and Dhivyadarshini as the voice for Elsa and Anna while Sathyan Sivakumar sparks Olaf with a hilarious performance.

In Frozen 1, we witnessed Elsa figuring out to control her powers while in Frozen 2, it’s Elsa showing us what she could do with her powers. Elsa, the Queen of Arendelle is disturbed by a mysterious voice that calls her out. She seeks to figure its reason with the help of her sister Anna, along with Kristoff and Olaf. Their quest takes a darker turn as they also learn about the mysterious fog that wraps the forest of Northuldra tribe.

Frozen 2 charms us yet again with its musical numbers that are in sync with dances, bright visuals and fun. From, ‘All Is Found’, ‘Some Things Never Change’, ‘Into the Unknown’, ‘When I Am Older’ to ‘Lost in the Woods’, ‘Show Yourself’, ‘The Next Right Thing’, Frozen 2 offers songs that are powered by strong background score.

The directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee offer stellar visuals. There are scenes which keeps you wondering if its all real or animation. Like, when Elsa touches a floor to figure out what happened in that room, several minute water droplets rise through the cracks and creaks of the surface. You’ll be amazed to witness the realness of these gravity defying droplets.

Then there are several sequences shot in forests which bubbles with life. Every leaf, branch, trees, the narrow streams and the skin of the animals, pump with immaculate visual splendor. We also have trolls whose rock body is so real, its as if the directors carved several pieces of rock and pasted them on the screen. Then we watch Elsa riding a water horse over rough seas. Its jaw dropping.

Despite with its visual beauty, Frozen 2 still feels a bit empty with its plot. Its also a bit darker compared to the first film. Somewhere in all its coldness, Frozen 2 slips over its confidence of acing us with the first film. The story as it moves forward feels a bit slack at places. Nevertheless, its a Disney movie. The songs and the voice performances will lift your spirits.

Mohammed Rayaan