New Jersey Governor applauds Sikh community

Washington: New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has applauded the contribution of Sikh-Americans in the development and cultural diversity of his state. Donning a Sikh turban, Murphy started his speech with traditional Sikh greeting “Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji ki Fateh.”

New Jersey exhibits a vividly-coloured tapestry with every person and each community contributing their own threads. How boring this tapestry would be without the Sikh community and how vibrant it is with them, Murphy told hundreds of Sikh-Americans at an event to celebrate the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism. The event was organised by “Let’s Share a Meal” in collaboration with the Sikh Chamber of Commerce Global (SACC), Dhan Guru Nanak Jatha and SAVA at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center on Saturday.

Gurbir Singh Grewal, the first Sikh-American Attorney General in the US’ history and 61st Attorney General of the state of New Jersey, lauded the Sikh community by citing the example of slain Indian-American police officer Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal, who was shot dead on duty during a traffic stop in Texas in September. “Deputy Dhaliwal…protected his community and he sacrificed his life in service of others. In that tragedy, the whole world saw what we as Sikhs know and what Guru Nanak taught us…”

Renowned American comedian and keynote speaker Hasan Minhaj sat down with journalist Shweta Singh and had a detailed discussion on Guru Nanak’s teachings and the current state of the world. “The event was an attempt to provide an opportunity to learn more about Guru Nanak’s teachings and Sikhism,” said Onkar Singh, founder “Let’s Share a Meal.”