Former Delhi Commissioner writes Khaki Files, anthology of inside investigations

Neeraj Kumar

Chennai: Encountering terrorists or cracking down a major bomb blast case is a common affair in any senior cop’s life. Neeraj Kumar, former Commissioner of Police, is one among the prestigious lot who had handled high-profile assignments, including the crackdown of diabolical plot by ISI in Mumbai. In his second book, Khaki Files, published by Penguin Random House, the cop-turned-author narrates nine inside stories of investigations, that was conducted during the nine years he spent in the central investigative agency.

His first book, Dial D for Don detailed the stories of his CBI missions. Neeraj speaks to News Today about his new release, his encounters and more.

Being a firebrand officer, Neeraj was initiated into writing by the popular author and former investigative journalist, S Hussain Zaidi. “It was never planned to be that way. I got an offer from Penguin to write my memoirs in 2014. However, the idea of writing my memoirs neither appealed to me nor excite me. Instead, I agreed to write true crime stories of police investigations held under my charge. I have never regretted my decision,” the former top cop recalls.

Heading the anti-corruption and security unit of BCCI made him difficult to continue writing and unexpected turn of events led Neeraj quit his job.

Khaki Files written by Neeraj Kumar

It took a year for him to pen the anthology that explores a range of case. To name one, the second chapter – The Da Lakhvi Code – reveals the well-kept secret as to why a visitor cannot approach the base of India Gate. The reason is obvious – terror attacks. However, what makes the chapter a page-turner is the narration. The story unfolds how the Special Cell of Delhi Police worked their way out of the puzzle maze that was cracked out of the blue.

However, the book did not happen easily. “Since I had not kept notes, getting details like dates and names was bit of a challenge. Members of various teams, who had worked with me from time-to-time during the investigation of the cases described in the book, and who are still in service, helped me in getting the details,” Neeraj tells.

Asked about a case that moved him despite being solving high-profile cases, he replies, “I guess it was seeing the plight of the Memon family that included three ladies and three children was very touching. They were victims of the misdeeds of Tiger Memon, a senior member of the family. Quite ironically, they landed in CBI custody on account of a trans-national police operation that I conducted.”


Interestingly, Delhi Crime season two web series, which is under production, is based on Moon-gazer, a chapter in Khaki Files. The movie rights of Neeraj Kumar’s first book, Dial D for Don has been bought by producer-director Neeraj Pandey.

Bhavani Prabhakar