Former drug addict turns bodybuilder

Chennai: Perseverance pays. One example for this, might be Sundar Singh, a former drug addict turns bodybuilder. Early this year, the resident of Chambers Colony in Chrompet, bagged the title of Mr Kanchi, a fitness pageant. However, his journey to success was not without obstacles.

“‘I was addicted to drugs sometime back. Despite my best efforts, I could not come out of it. It was only after my father suggested me to focus on my physique, did I put an end to substance abuse and began body-building’,” he says.

This was the turning point, as Sundar starting to work out right away, losing 15 kilograms in 25 days. “‘I won the third place in a pageant held in March. That was my first success’,” he recalls. A student of B.A English, the youngster also works as an auto driver.

“‘I use the money I make to maintain my diet. I spend a minimum of Rs 800 per day for this. Every morning, I walk from Chrompet to Sanatorium. I then work out at the gym. I eat about 500 grams food without salt each day’,” he explains.

So what is his future plan?

“‘I am currently working towards winning next year’s edition of Mr Kanchi. My aim is to bag Mr Tamilnadu title too’,” he states. He can be reached at 7448916627.

(The article by News Today intern, S Sangavi)


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