Review: ‘Azhiyatha Kolangal 2’ – Emotional drama

Balu Mahendra’s Azhiyatha Kolangal (1979) is one of the cult classics in Tamil cinema. And when filmmaker MR Bharathi chose to come out with a movie as a tribute to Balu Mahendra, he has appropriately named it Azhiyatha Kolangal 2.

With just a handfull of characters, Bharathi has chosen to go the Balu Mahendra way in the movie. It is an emotional drama that has twits and turns and speaks about the value of relationships. Prakash Raj, Archana, Revathy, and Nassar play lead roles.

Prakash Raj essays the role of a writer, Nassar plays an upright police officer, Revathy’s character is a homemaker. Archana appears as Prakashraj’s former lover. Gowri Shankar (Prakash Raj) is a celebrated writer. He is conferred Sahitya Akademi award for his novel. His wife Sita (Revathi) showers abundant love on him. Gowri Shankar leaves to Delhi to collect his award. He returns to Chennai in a hurry only to visit the house of his ex-lover Mohana (Archana) without even informing his wife.

Gowri Shankar and Mohana goes down on a nostalgic trip and recall their college days and their admiration for each others. After dinner, Gowri Shankar goes to bed only to get cardiac arrest. A shocked Mohana see Gowri Shankar breath his last in her presence. The news spreads like a wild fire. Media and policemen come knocking at her door. She is clueless what to do. Police Commissioner (Nasser) visits her house for an enquiry. People start to suspect Mohana. What happens then forms the climax.

Prakash Raj and Archana have done what they are know best for. They slip into the characters quite comfortably and render an impeccable show. They are natural and spontaneous. Revathy plays her part well.

The background music by Arvind Siddharth and cinematography by Rajesh K Nair add strength to the emotional drama. It is not a run-of-the-mill show and there are no unnecessary commercial ingredients added to please the audiences.

Produced by Valliammai Azhagappan in association with Eswari Rao and Dev Sinha, Bharathi has successfully managed to give what Balu Mahendra would have wanted to do on screen. Three cheers for a bold attempt.