‘I have discovered a new passion for comedy,’ says Giorgia

Chennai: The promo of much-awaited ‘Karoline Kamakshi’ is finally out and the Italian model Giorgia, debuting from this web series, is getting a massive response from the south India. ‘Karoline Kamakshi’ is an action-comedy series, in which Giorgia will be seen playing the character ‘Karoline’, a lady who is an Interpol Agent. Opposite to Giorgia stars Meena, portraying the character named, ‘Kamakshi’ who is a CBI officer. In the series, both the characters have different hence, opposing personalities. Despite that fact, we will see them coming together to hunt down a dangerous mafia don.

Simultaneously, Giorgia has also announced about her upcoming Bollywood project ‘Welcome to Bajrangpur’ in which we will be thrilled to see her opposite to the very famous Shreyas Talpade. Karoline Kamakshi‘s first season consisting of 10 episodes will be streamed on Zee5 on 5 December. This exceptional package of action-comedy and drama is directed by Vivek Kumar Kannan.

NT Bureau