TNPCB official explains steps taken by govt to curb pollution

Chennai: Oxford dictionary’s word of this year ‘climate emergency’ has only intensified the already burning topic of climate change and pollution. Chennai was recently choked as smog covered the entire city, making life difficult for the residents.

This also acted as a wake up call to the residents about the seriousness of pollution.

On World Pollution Control day today, News Today speaks to officials from the Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) about the efforts taken by them to keep pollution in control.

“To have a check on the pollution, stringent regulations are made which include practices like zero liquid discharge from industries, periodical check of the emissions from vehicles and industries and continuous monitoring stations have been set at five regions of Chennai,” a senior TNPCB official said.

He further said, in an attempt to reduce air pollution, the government is stressing on the usage of electrical vehicles as the lithium batteries are long-running and thus prevent pollution caused by e-waste.

The official said that although, the government is coming up with several solutions to curb pollution, results can be achieved only if the general public also lend their participation.

“The rise in dermal clinics and fertility clinics clearly implies that UV rays reach the Earth in abundance. Usage of
large number of vehicles, rugged roads and discharge from the industries collaboratively contribute to pollution. The Pollution Control Board can only provide directions but public participation is really crucial to mitigate pollution,” he emphasised.

The National Pollution Control Day is observed annually in the remembrance of the people who lost their lives in Bhopal Gas tragedy in 1984. Since then, every year on 2 December, the pollution control day is celebrated to create awareness among the public about ways to combat pollution.

(Article by Afrin Fowmitha)

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