Visually-challenged lad speaks about profession, passion

Rudolph Godson

Chennai:┬áRudolph Godson (20) is the armour of hope and positivity who inspires people to believe in them. This lad breaks all the hindrances of being visually-challenged and excels in his profession and passion – software development and music respectively. He also runs a YouTube channel in his name.

On the occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities being observed today, Rudolph Godson shares about his profession, passion and future plans with News Today.

Excerpts from the interview

Q: How do you introduce Rudolph Godson to the world?
A: A guy who endeavours to make impossible things possible. My profession is software development and my passion is music. I constantly
research about music and technological development.

Q: Can you tell more about your profession – software development?
A: To begin with, basically in India, there isn’t much chance for us – the visually-challenged community. To access the stuffs like others do, we use a software called screen reader, which reads out the elements that appear in the screens, either it be a phone or a laptop. My aim is to develop software that would be obliging to the visually-challenged community. For instance, few months back, we were programming a software that would describe the images present in the screen which would help us imagine and give shape to things using technology.

Q: How did music become a part of your life?
A: As I didn’t have much of a choice for entertainment in my childhood, I used to listen to music in television and in radio. I feel music soothes me. Earlier, we had Nokia phone which had inbuilt music pop ups when a button is pressed. I used to play that and it drove my interest into music and later I started playing keyboard. That’s how music became a part of my routine. I was not able to find a master because they didn’t know how to teach me. So, I was self taught and learned the nuances.

Q: Which instruments do you play?
A: I’m an eighth grade graduated pianist. Besides piano, I play recorder (a German instrument), rhythm pad, drum kit, guitar and tabla.

Q: Tell us about your YouTube channel
A: I took up a 100 days challenge six months back. I would post a one minute instrumental video each day. That’s how I started YouTube channel in my name and it was utterly a one-man show where in the first place I have to learn the song, record it and take care of video editing myself and post it. Post the 100 days challenge, I still continue to put videos. And I think my YouTube channel helped me showcase my talents and gain deserving acclamation. I hardly have 1,000 or 2,000 views. Nevertheless, I would not stop posting videos even if the views descend.

Q: Who is your inspiration?
A: In music, I would definitely tell about AR Rahman and Ilayaraja. Otherwise, I don’t look for inspirations, because I believe that my positivity inspires me every time to move on from the rejections I face. I strongly believe in me to accomplish in life. I would recommend differently-abled challenged not to study in special schools because I anticipate that the very spark of discouragement and underestimation begins there where they set a prejudiced standard and that might break one’s confidence. So, I would always suggest one to believe in their positivity to guide them.

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