‘Karoline Kamakshi is full of action & drama’

Chennai: Karoline Kamakshi is all set to mark the digital debut of actress Meena and the first southern venture of Bollywood model Giorgia Andriani. The series revolves around Karoline, a French detective, and Kamakshi, a typical Tamil Brahmin girl and how they are required to work together with a common motive of catching Furkin, the Kingpin.

Speaking about the Zee5 exclusive series, Meena says, ‘Karoline Kamakshi is a complete binge-watch series. It has action, drama and an entertaining story which is sure to keep the audience engaged. It has been an absolute pleasure to work on the series. The entire team has been enthusiastic and this energy, has also translated onscreen.”

In a promotional event, actor Y Gee Mahendra, who plays a major role in the series, said that Meena’s role is something that she has never done before. The lead actor has performed action sequences too, he said.

Giorgia Adriani, an Italian model, playing the character ‘Karoline, said, “It was a great experience working for Karoline Kamakshi. I was very nervous in the beginning, but, director Vivek, Meena and other co-stars were very sweet to me. I am looking forward to the release of the series.”

The exceptional package of action-comedy and drama directed by Vivek Kumar Kannan has 10 episodes. The much awaited Zee5 exclusive is out today.

NT Bureau