Expert in pencil sketching, youngster comes up with portraits of loved ones

Chennai: What do you call a person who uses art only to spread happiness?

Meet Gautham Krishna (20) of Adyar, who began drawing and painting at the age of four, just for the love of it.

An expert in pencil sketching, shading, painting and charcoal work, he says, “I took it up seriously only five years ago and have till date made 30 portraits and five paintings. When I began doing normal pencil sketches, my parents saw my potential and got me enrolled in classes. There, I learnt the basics on drawing portraits.”

When he began giving attention to the minutest detail in his work, he noticed that the portrait of a normal person or a celebrity, got more people to take notice.

“I wanted to do something that others can identify with. I realised that portraits get the maximum attention,” he says.

He has already made a portrait of Jackie Chan, and with the release of the movie ‘Joker’, he wants to make one on this too.

“I want to give a spin-off, with an expression on his face,” he says.

Gautham takes between three to four hours to make a portrait, stating that he does not think that his talent is anything out of the ordinary.

“I began sketching without any idea about it. I improved with practice and developed myself. Anyone can do it,” he adds. When questioned on the best compliment he has received, he says that it was it was from his grandmother.

“On her birthday, I drew a portrait of my grandparents. My grandfather is no more, but my grandmother was happy to see it. I recreated an old picture of them just to create a memory. She gave me her biggest smile ever and was very impressed. I do not think any other compliment could match up to this,” he concludes.

Naomi N