Indru puthithai pirandhom…

T.R. Jawahar

Birthdays, in general, are occasions for celebration. Today, when News Today enters 38, the occasion is not just for celebration, but also for philosophical reflection.

As a daily evening newspaper, with deadline as our daily destiny, time is never our ally. Rain or shine, our relevance is only as long as we hit the news-stands every afternoon. It is our compelling, and also karmic, duty.

And so battling enormous odds, both physical and mental, we were there everyday for the past 37 years. It is a responsibility we owe our readers, advertisers and well-wishers, who have remained steadfast with us through the proverbial thick and thin.

It is a commitment we owe our Founder-Editor T R Ramaswami  (TRR), whose zeal for public-spirited journalism and unremitting adherence to the greater common good continues to be our source of inspiration.

Above all, it is a fidelity we owe ourselves because of the pride that we have for the profession, which even in these times of media churn, has still a lot to offer to the public.

Just as we see disruptions in media space on one side, on the obverse what is more than apparent is hope. Hope, as it were, is everywhere. And for everyone.

So we take it, in the echo of the words of Bharathi, indru puthithai pirandhom. We are starting anew. With a trusted companion (you) at hand, we are sure the journey ahead is going to be meaningful.

& Team News Today

NT Bureau